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Tampering with Eve

Most of us who have studied basic biology are aware that our genetic history and DNA integrity is passed through the female mitochondria DNA.  In fact, the study of the genetic code in this area allows researchers to analyze and map human lineage through observation of the mitochondrial code.  This has led to the concept of the Mitochondrial Eve reaching back to the beginning of human origin.

What happens when the mitochondrial code becomes damaged?  Mitochondrial disease and corresponding disorders have been associated with numerous conditions including anemia, dementia, hypertension, lymphoma, seizures and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Environmental causes have been blamed on mitochondrial damage.  Recent studies have demonstrated that electromagnetic radiation causes damage to the mitochondrial DNA after prolonged exposure. Modern wireless technology such as Wi-Fi, cellular emissions and Smart Meters are all broadcasting using EMF radiation.

It’s hard now to find a school, home or shopping center not bathed in Wi-Fi emissions.  Pregnant women and those planning on having a family should be aware that the DNA of their offspring is at risk of potential damage.  Girls in schools using Wi-Fi may be inadvertently exposing their mitochondria DNA (located in the ovaries) to potential mutation.  Genetic damage would then be passed to future generations without the possibility of repair.

To help protect yourself and loved ones, remember to use Wi-Fi sparingly and turn it off at night.  Additionally, keeping cellular devices away from the body complies with the manufacturer guidelines and reduces your exposure to potentially harmful emissions.

Exposure to 1800 MHz radiofrequency radiation induces oxidative damage to mitochondrial DNA in primary cultured neurons