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Cell Phones For Kids This Holiday Season: Think Again

Most folks do not know that cellular phone purchases for children are strongly regulated in many countries. For instance, back in December 2008, the city of Lyon in France advertised against the purchase of cell phones for children to “protect their health.” In the U.K., warning signs at point of sale are now required to alert consumers as to the dangers of cellular radiation. And both India and Israel now require radiation warning labels on cell phone packaging. The gift giving season these days pulls parents so often towards the array of tech gadgetry that our children are pining for. In the U.S., parents ready to please and provide, can find themselves drawn to the latest cell phone device. Before you make that purchase commitment, please consider safer alternative gift ideas. In addition to avoiding harmful radiation and the addictive potential of cell phone use, boundless gift possibilities exist which can be both stimulating and rewarding for your children. Let’s take a moment and think outside the box.
Recent nationally syndicated articles lamenting the demise of cursive writing in schools is but one topic which can stimulate interesting gift ideas. The best part here: Any such gifts springing forth are safe as there is no radiation danger with handwriting! The art of formal writing in cursive and pen is not only beautiful but it also stimulates the fine motor skills, encourages patience, enhances concentration, and most importantly, can instill a sense of pride at the accomplishment of having achieved the art of hand writing. To shift our thinking as parents to shop for tools instead of toys at this time of year can seem conflicting but if we stop and think about it, the possibilities are endless in terms of meaningful and useful gifts. For example, instead of a cell phone or video game player, how about a calligraphy set and fountain pens, an instrument and music lessons, a small backyard chicken coop, gardening tools and bare root fruit trees..? The choice is ours as we look towards the future. What kind of people do we want our children to evolve into? Think wisely this holiday season. Practice purposeful parenting and give them gifts which can last them a lifetime. Give them tools instead of toys.