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Wireless Radiation Hazards: Accupuncture to Karolinska Institute Studies

It is hard to believe that the genesis of the smartphone and Wi-Fi “revolution” dates back a mere 7 years.  We all marveled at the miracles of the first smartphones and we snapped up Wi-Fi installations as a simple, cordless solution for data transmission.
Despite the ease and ubiquity of this technology, red flags have appeared within the both the health sector and scientific communities.  A couple of examples will suffice to illustrate the potential pandemic dangers posed by unbridled use of this technology. 

The prestigious journal, “The American Acupuncturist” in 2009 published a study by Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D., LAc titled “The Pulse, the Electronic Age and Radiation:  Early Detection.”  In this study, Dr. Hammer states that the once rare, Leather Pulse, is now measurable in most of the population under 50.  This once rare pulse had been associated uniquely with trauma, hemorrhaging, and ionizing sources of radiation exposure.  The only recent environmental addition which could account for this dramatic rise in Leather Pulse readings is the use and proliferation of non-ionizing cellular technologies.  Our population has been adversely effected across the board and our health is at risk.  To quote segments of the study:
“Radiation-induced pathogenic heat presents unique challenges to a remarkably adaptive human organism [yet] the body has no defense against this pathogen, and the most immediate serious consequence is cell mutation and ultimately neo-plastic activity (tumors and cancer).”

Across the Atlantic at the Karolinska Institute, Professor Olle Johansson, PhD and his team of epidemiologists has raised similar red flags through their research on the effects of Wi-Fi non-ionizing radiation on living tissue.  The results were alarming in that rodents exposed to Wi-Fi at similar comparative levels to human exposure demonstrated a marked increase in sterility with species wide sterility at the 5th generation!

Although some engineers and physicists continue to state that non-ionizing radiation cannot affect humans because the atoms remain unchanged, the fact of the matter remains that living tissue, which is composed of atoms, is in fact being affected!  Further scientific work needs to begin forthwith to determine WHY non-ionizing radiation is having adverse effects on living matter.  Apples fell from trees long before Newton discovered the Law of Gravity.  There is a Law here which is waiting to be uncovered.  Our children and their children are counting on it!