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Back to School Time

As our kids head back to school, consumer choices abound regarding digital aids for academic work.  Keep in mind that the old rule, “less is more” is even truer for youngsters.   Ask yourselves as parents and caregivers whether or not the desired electronic device is really necessary.  After all, if we are focused on learning for children, the basics will always be superior:  physical books, paper, pencils and writing.

Smartphones, while a convenient means of keeping track of your children, pose many distracting opportunities which can detract from the learning experience.  Consider installing an application which can track your child’s user activities and allow you to shut the phone off remotely if necessary.

Many schools are now installing Wi-Fi throughout their campuses.  Check with the school principal and discuss the health ramifications of this non-ionizing radiation exposure.  Numerous scientific bodies as well as the European Environmental Agency have recommended against Wi-Fi use in schools.  On March 19, 2013 the French National Assembly voted in favor of Ethernet connectivity in schools instead of Wi-Fi in order to better protect children’s health.
Remember:  Follow the Precautionary Principle especially where children are concerned.