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What’s Up With the Blood Brain Barrier?

The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) isolates the brain from the blood flow taking place throughout the body.  Simply put, it protects the brain by selectively allowing nutrients to pass through the blood and into the brain while keeping toxic substances out.  The body’s natural defenses anticipate potential hazards to the brain and block entry accordingly.

Scientists, including Leif Salford, M.D., PhD a neurosurgeon at Lund University in Sweden, have been studying the effects of microwave exposure on the BBB for several decades in rodent experiments.  There conclusions have been re-tested in various studies and confirmed the same results:  Cell phone radiation exposure breaks down the Blood Brain Barrier.

In one research study, a single two-hour exposure next to a cell phone permanently damaged the BBB.  Destruction of brain cells in areas which concern learning, memory and movement have also been observed during postmortem examination. We do know that the BBB damage is observed in patients with various neuronal diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s so maintaining and protecting the Blood Brain Barrier seems to be an essential component to healthy brain function.

What about medicine and drugs which we are prescribed?  Might a weakened or diminished Blood Brain Barrier cause problems with medicines we are taking?  Are these medicines developed to be crossing the BBB or not?  This is a further question that scientists, doctors and pharmacists should contemplate and research. 

The best we can do as consumers and users of cellular telephony is to take care when using these devices:  distance yourself from the source of emissions, use the speaker or text function and remind your loved ones to do the same.  Use your head!

We all need our brains.