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Effects of 4G Emissions on the Brain

A newly published peer reviewed double-blind study which measured short term effects of 4G radiation on the brain has established that brain neural activity is impacted not only in areas close to exposure but also in remote parts of the brain.

This study, sponsored by the China Academy of Telecommunication Research, measured exposure to 4G LTE-based cellular networks after only 30 minutes of use.

4G represents a powerful evolution in cellular transmission.  The 4G LTE employs MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) technology, also known as “beamforming.”  This translates into complex and very intelligent radios inside your cell phone that multiplex channels and antennas in the device to deliver incredible speed, also known as broadband connection.  Unless the cell phone is in airplane mode, it is constantly communicating with base stations, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC (Near Field Communication), etc.   This makes for a dynamic and powerful device.

Despite the increasing number of studies published which point to adverse health effects from long-term use of cell phones, many folks still hold their phone up against the head and body.  Recent published observations associating breast cancer with pocket or brassiere cell phone placement suggests further that we need to take care when using cellular devices. Young people, who will experience a life-time of cell phone use, should make an effort to learn to use their cellular devices more safely.  Our phones are now great companions and indispensable to our modern life.  That said, it’s our job to know how to use them with care.  Remember to keep your cell phone back away from your head and body and remind your children and loved ones to do likewise.