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Get Cell Phones Out of Pockets

For years, scientists have noted the reduction in sperm count and quality in men who keep their cellphones in their front pockets.  Now there is more concern for men who habitually carry phones in their pockets.  Researchers have published a peer-reviewed study in the Central European Journal of Urology demonstrating that cellphone front pocket placement has been associated with erectile dysfunction.
Two groups of men were observed over the course of 6 years. The first group suffered from dysfunction but the second group did not. The only significant difference concerned the use of cell phones and heightened pocket placement used by the first group.

Dr. Ashok Agarwal, professor of Reproductive Science at the Cleveland Clinic has studied sperm collapse associated with cell phone use for several years.  His published article titled “Cell Phones: Modern Man’s Nemesis” explains the dangers associated with cell phone use and male reproductive health.

This new publication concerning erectile dysfunction should sound an alarm for men.  Male reproductive health is essential to fertility, healthy children and sexual enjoyment.

There are enough red flags telling us to get phones out of our pockets.  It’s time to heed these warnings.