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Link Between Cell Phone Use and Malignant Brain Tumors

Published at the end of August in the International Journal of Oncology, this new study analyzed the association between malignant brain tumors diagnosed between 2007 and 2009 and mobile and cordless phone use.

Specifically, the researchers sought to examine the relationship between long-term cell phone use and its correlation with the development of brain cancer.  In short, the findings supported the hypothesis that non-ionizing radiation plays a role in the initiation and growth of cancer.

This supports the World Health Organization’s classification of cell phone radiation as a Class 2B possible carcinogen.  Further studies such as this new Swedish publication may soon compel WHO’s cancer division, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, to re-visit this classification ranking.  There are numerous scientists world-wide who support the position that cell phone emissions are probably carcinogenic.

In addition to observing the link between long-term cell phone use and cancer, additional takeaways from this new Swedish study should be cause for alarm.  The study looked at analogue use going back over two decades prior to the introduction of digital cellular devices.  The digital phones demonstrated both initiation of cancer and its promotion.  The 2G and 3G phones were not in use long during the timeframe of this study group however the increased incidence of cancer among this group was significant.  What does this mean for 4G phone use as we currently have throughout the cellular market today?  Cell phone users must take care to keep their phones back away from their heads. One thing we can all agree on:  It will be too late to say “sorry” if brain cancer is diagnosed.