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The Ongoing Disaster at Fukushima

Most of what we write about at our blog concerns non-ionizing radiation.  Ionizing radiation is the stuff of nuclear bombs and nuclear power plant disasters.  Both pose hazards to life forms.  Both elude the senses:  We can’t see, hear, smell, taste or touch this radiation.  Nonetheless, the radiation is present and it is affecting us.

What’s going on currently at Fukushima, the site of the disastrous 2011 earthquake, tsunami and subsequent meltdown of 3 nuclear reactors?   Folks may not realize it but the disaster is ongoing.  Japan’s Nuclear Regulatory Authority recently informed the world that over 300 tons of radioactive water leaked from a storage tank into the surrounding groundwater and nearby sea.  In addition, radiation levels around some of the storage tanks is now 18 times higher than previously measured – radioactive enough to kill an unprotected man in 4 hours!

Radioactive fallout has now reached the West Coast of the United States both by sea and air.  This is an ongoing environmental disaster of world-wide proportions.

The make-shift storage tanks were brought in after the reactor melt-downs in order to house the built up of radioactive water – an ongoing problem.  The tanks and the crippled reactors are vulnerable in the event of another quake.  As these nuclear reactors, like most in Japan, are situated on the ocean, the likelihood of a total collapse of these crippled structures into the sea remains a horrifying possibility if a strong earthquake were to occur.
Attempts are now underway to “freeze” the ground around the reactors to prevent further spillage into the surrounding groundwater and sea.  Various methods are being considered.  Green Swan, Inc. has developed patent pending technology that may help with these efforts.  One thing is for sure, this is the greatest nuclear disaster yet to face humanity and time is a luxury we don’t have.