Green Swan®, Inc., founded in 2010, holds patents and patent pending solutions for an array of forthcoming products designed to address health and environmental safety concerns. Green Swan owes its focus and vision to its founder, Harry Lehmann. Focusing the company on launching its cellular telephony safety line, Lehmann is committed to bringing both awareness and product solutions to consumers in the area of cellular radiation concerns. The company is committed to helping educate the public about the dangers of cellular radiation exposure as well as providing affordable product solutions to help mitigate the risks associated with improper cell phone use. The launch of its cellular telephony product safety line coincides with the rising tide of public awareness and concern surrounding the issue of cell phone radiation and its potential adverse effects on human health.

Harry Lehmann, Founder and CEO

Harry Lehmann is the inventor and visionary of the Green Swan patent line. His many years working as a civil trial attorney honed his observations around the creation of potential new helpful product possibilities. His inventions are designed to help people navigate more prudently a modern world awash in 21st century technologies which pose new environmental and safety challenges for consumers. Having lost close friends and colleagues to the ravages of brain cancer, Lehmann began serious research and study as to the correlation between cell phone radiation exposure and the rising incidence of neurological pathology. Harry remains determined to help people use cellular technology more safely and attenuate their exposure to the emissions of non-ionizing radiation. Green Swan’s cell phone safety product line represents Mr. Lehmann’s vision and inventive approach to helping parents, children and all cell phone lovers enjoy and use their devices more safely and with an understanding of the need to use the phone only when it is at a safer distance away from the head or body.

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After the deaths of friends and colleagues from brain cancer, and after study in this field, and after attendance at the International EMF Conference in Stavanger Norway in late 2009, I concluded that I could do the most good for the greatest number of people by helping people become more aware of the dangers to living tissues from cellular telephone radiation.

The purpose of Green Swan was initially to increase this awareness through publication of information on the issues, and through inventions which would through their use increase awareness of basic ideas like keeping the smart phone away from the head and body. More recently, particularly in 2016, and unexpectedly facing possible dangers to the public health from ‘5G on every block’ effort has been expended to raise awareness of the dangers to public health from ‘too close’ location of so-called ‘small cell’ towers, which are not small in output, but are intended to go so far as to take the place of cable.

No health claims are made, or can be made, for any of our products; our goal is to increase the knowledge base of cellular and Wi-Fi users of the rapidly increasing scientific knowledge of such risks in this area, so that each person affected or potentially affected by such exposures can make her or his best decision as individuals.

5/15/17: CA Senate Appropriations Committee Testimony