Green Swan®, Inc. makes attractive, supple and affordable leather accessories that allow one to use electronic devices (Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets and Mobile Phones) in safer ways.

Our SwanShield™ products limit one’s exposure to Microwave Radiation (MR) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). We use DNA-rich materials, for the current products high grade leather leather, based on scientific findings that DNA is a natural antenna for microwave, in the sense that, for example, when a 7.43 percent solution of DNA was created in plain water, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of the resulting fluid was 24 times greater than the plain water, and that the change is SAR was non-ionic, but rather, vibration, what is called in physics ‘acoustic,’ even though that doesn’t only mean ‘sound,’ but vibration carried by a medium from one source within the medium having an effect (‘doing work’) at another location within that medium. This finding, which is discussed in Mr. Lehmann’s 7/19/2017 letter to Ms. Galehouse of Assembly Appropriations, which you can find under Advocacy, is originally from an interferometer study at the University of Maryland in 1983.

We couple DNA rich materials with military-grade shielding materials in our patented laminate to accomplish reduction in the amount of energy which reaches your body from your phone when our SwanShields™ are in place between your body and your device.

he RF-EMR and EMF energy is absorbed by the leather and further blocked by a patented combination of shielding materials. We use the finest craftsmanship in making each SwanShield™, so you can — Shield Those You Love — for years to come.