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Application Purpose
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Thank you for downloading Too Close™ by Green Swan Inc. This product was created to help protect your health and safety from the harmful effects of EMF radiation during cellular phone use. Too Close™ is the flagship product in a new line of family safety software produced by Green Swan, Inc. to encourage users to comply with cell phone safety guidelines.

Application Purpose

The purpose of Too Close™ is to help cellular telephone users comply with established FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industry Association) mandated usage guidelines of phone proximity-to-head limits. Cell phone radiation guidelines include maximum “Specific Absorption Rate” (SAR) levels of EMF radio frequency waves and they include strong warnings to reduce wireless radiation by limiting cell phone exposure near the head.

With a simple warning alert, Too Close™ helps reduce the effects of EMF radiation with a gentle reminder alert to physically move the telephone to a safer distance away from the body. The purpose of the application is to help protect the health and safety of mobile phone users generally, and especially to reduce cell phone risks for children.

Cellular phone safety guidelines are designed to minimize public exposure to radio frequencies (RF) and are published by most cellular phone manufacturers in their manuals. All mobile phones come with “PRODUCT SAFETY AND WARRANTY INFORMATION” informing customers how to protect from cell phone radiation. Unfortunately, these manuals are often tossed out after purchasing the phone! To see examples of those proximity limits and many more useful data on the dangers of radio frequency, go to the « In the News Section » of our website.

Note: There is no financial connection between Green Swan, Inc. and any advocacy organization, and any references here made are for educational purposes only.

The second and main purpose of the Too Close™ application, is to remind people to use the speaker phone or a headset (Bluetooth or wireless) instead of placing the phone against the head. The use of a wired headset and/or speaker phone is recommended. If a Bluetooth device is used, we recommend turning it on and off after each call and remove the device from the ear when not in use.

Note:  The radio frequency radiation is cumulative in nature, leaving a Bluetooth headset in your ear for extended periods of time can lead to non-compliance with safety standards.

Proximity standards mandated by the Federal Communications Commission suggest that in many cases seven minutes a day of direct-to-head contact of cellular phone use will often violate the SAR standards. Don’t take our word for it, check the proximity warnings that came with your phone’s manual, and make your own assessment. The way we see it, it is better to be safer than sorry! Most active cell phone users will be surprised when using Too Close™ how many times they have risked their safety with this small microwave device pressed to their head!

Despite so much industry data demonstrating health and safety risks of cellullar phone use, especially cell phone risks for children, Green Swan, Inc. does not make any health claims. With the Too Close™ application, we provide a reminder system for people to use their speaker phone and headset, and to keep the phone away from their head, by alerting users when they keep their cellular devices near their head during a call. By providing proximity alerts, we increase awareness and help promote compliance.

The alert only sounds during a call, except when the user happens to be on the Landing Page. When this is the case, the system will emit a sound without placing a call, so that the customer can choose the sound that he or she prefers. The alert sequence becomes activated before reaching the proximity limits defined in the user’s manual.

Starting the Application


At the Landing Page, you will see an icon character. Simply press this icon to turn the app “On” or “Off.”

Once you have pressed the cartoon icon, Too Close™ will indicate “On” right away, enabling the application.

Customizing the Application

Too Close™ gives you two menu buttons: SOUNDS and SETTINGS

To change the alert sound, press the “Sounds” button. You can select among five sounds or “vibrate only” according to your preference.


The default sound configuration is “Vibrate Only”, but other sounds can be selected. Too Close™ will let you choose a human voice or other sounds to warn you before you are “too close”


Legalpg102212Alarm Delay Time

This is the amount of time you would like to elapse between the detection of close proximity by Too Close™ and the actual sounding of the warning. Your range is between “no delay,” and “three seconds”. Test various options to see which one works best for you.

Alarm Interval Page

Alarm Interval
10 seconds is the default Alarm Interval, but this setting can be changed for up to 5 minutes according to user preference. See “Choose alarm interval” for choices and test according to your preference.

Alarm Delay Time will allow you to determine how much time you would like to elapse between the detection of close proximity by Too Close™ and the actual sounding of the warning. Your range is between “no delay,” and “three seconds.” We suggest you test various delays and see which one works best for you.

Research has shown that proximity sensor sensitivity varies from device to device. For a hand in motion towards the cheek, a 500 millisecond delay is best suited for most Android phones, and the best starting place on alarm timing. This being said, you know your own device, and will have your own preferences, and the alarm timing will allow you to tailor the interval to your own personal preferences.

Even if you already try to avoid having the device near your head, sometimes we all have to take a call without using a Bluetooth, a wired headset or the speaker. To accommodate this occasional situation, Too Close™ has an alarm interval setting. You can choose the shortest interval between alarms, which is 10 seconds, but there are other options under “Choose alarm interval.”

Legal Screen shot

Finally, we have a legal section, which makes it clear that the Too Close™ application, the phrase “Too Close” being a federally registered Trademark, is the patent–pending property of Green Swan, Inc., a company devoted to safer cell phone use.

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