Our products, composed of our patented DNA/Shield technology have a wonderful feel and texture, are pliant and pleasant to handle, these are products that people will naturally enjoy touching. This very factor necessarily forces limitations on the time we can give for returns which are made for aesthetic reasons. If you wish to return a product, call 800-279-1344 and leave a message for Mr. Lehmann, CEO of Green Swan ® Inc. After a product is returned to us, by U. S. Mail, to P. O. Box 1846, Novato, California, in new condition, and received within 30 days of purchase, we will refund your full purchase price, yet due to the personal nature of these products, our period for aesthetic return is limited.

As to any product which is found by reasonable standards to be defective, such as, which hasn’t ever happened yet, should the laminate separate within less than a full year’s use, any defective product will be repaired or replaced without cost to the customer within one year of purchase, obviously not including product abuse, damage from puppies and other obvious abuses.

All radio-absorbing and radio-wave-blocking materials will over time, experience physical changes as a result of protracted use. That’s the reason that we appreciate receiving photos via email after six months and one year after commencing use, information will be sent to you with your product regarding our request for your help in evaluating the product as you employ it.

We guarantee that our products will continue to reduce radiation throughput for no less than thirty months from the date of purchase. We expect them to perform well for longer, but have as with a newly invented product making its way into the market, we have no way to exactly quantify probable effective longevity and as a practical matter must state some fair limit, hence for now we must limit our effectiveness warranty to thirty months.

We thank you for helping our advocacy by your purchase. It is unavoidably necessary for us to state a time limit in our return, repair, and replacement policies, but we very well understand that we can only survive as a business by treating our customers honorably, and we wish and expect that you will have years of good performance from our patented DNA laminate products.

We also truly understand that while practicality requires that we state limits, this effort to support our advocacy will only succeed if we maintain a policy of fairness, and we promise to do that, with customer satisfaction always a guiding light in every transaction.